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Join The Property Development Group Mentoring Program If You Are Serious About Becoming A Property Developer

If You’ve Always Wanted To Become A Property Developer,
But Feel You’d Like Step-By-Step Help And Guidance From An Experienced

Property Development Mentor (With Real Deals In Play Right Now), You’re In The Right Place

My name is Amber Khanna. And in a minute, I’ll give you the chance to apply for my one-of-a-kind "Game On" - Property Development Group Mentoring Program – with limited membership and only a handful qualified invitation-only intakes per year for people who are READY TO TAKE ACTION NOW.

Why Many Budding Developers Feel Stuck And Fail To Get Started In Property Development?

Sadly, many budding developers get stuck reading books and blogs, attending seminars and workshops, and buying expensive property development courses… but never make a cent with property. Why? Because they fail to get their first project off the ground.

Some people just don’t know where to start. Many have questions, but do not have the right property development mentor and or don’t know who they can trust for the answers.

Or they don't take action simply because they lack the confidence to take the next step, And wish there was someone who could guide and help them ‘get in the game’.

How "Game On" Helps You Find, Vet And Execute Your First (Or Next) Development

GAME ON is not your run of the mill course, program, bootcamp or workshop. It’s step-by-step mentoring that helps you find, vet and execute your first (or next) property development project. Apart from just Property Development, GameOn looks at everything that's possible with respect to the development and then helps you pick and execute the right strategy. 

We meet online every fortnight...

  • Dig deep into the details of student case studies – and the projects.
  • Answer all your questions so you can feel confident moving through every stage of your development (from finding a potential property, vetting it, and pulling the trigger on the deal… right through to enjoying the final profits).
  • Inspire and motivate each other to ‘get in the game’with your first (or next) development.
  • Keep up-to-date with market research and opportunities.
  • Share challenges and solve problems together (with guidance from experienced developers).
  • Breakdown every step in the property development process into a Development Management System, that you can follow, track and execute. Trust me, even full time project managers don't have this system laid out in this much detail. My clients come to me because I have created, fine tuned, followed and executed this system over and over again to get successful results repeatedly.
  • Celebrate victories that encourage us all to dream bigger and achieve more.
  • And of course, make more money part time than most people make working in a job all year long.

Real People Real Results

Property Development Course Review 1

john nguyen

property developer
"Thank You For Changing My Life Forever..."
In less than 11 months of signing up for Amber's Property Development Course, I have secured two development sites. These two projects will yield me a combined profit of $2.2 million.
Property Development Course Review 2

Priyank Thakkar

property Developer
"I did Amber Khanna's Property Development Course 3 years ago. I must say that it was one of my best & wise investments. As we speak, I am currently in projects worth $10m".

Here's What People Are Saying About Property Development System - Property Development Course

Craig Welsh

Property Developer

I would highly recommend Amber's mentoring program to anyone who wants to get into property development. Having Amber behind the scene gives you extra confidence when doing your first deal.

John Nguyen

Property Developer

I had never done property development before. After doing Amber's course I can tell you that the content is very very comprehensive. Amber takes you step by step from exactly how to find a target area, how to do a financial feasibility..... within two months of finishing the course I have signed my up my first deal.

Jin Qian

Property Investor/Developer

I would recommend Amber’s Property Development System Courses for a number of important reasons.
Firstly, sheer level of depth.
When one first steps into property development, it doesn’t take very long to realise that all deals are different and there is a constellation of issues to consider with each one. And insufficient consideration of even one of those many issues could cause you to lose a lot of money and have sleepless nights.

Amber’s property development courses give aspiring property developers assurance and helps protect them from losses. He covers the entire process from mindset to realising your profits. As at the date of my review, there are almost 100 hours of video which will have to be watched multiple times to ensure retention and proper understanding.

There are a lot of other courses out there - some of which I have sampled. However, Amber’s courses are detailed to the point where one of his courses is the equivalent of getting three courses elsewhere with interest. He does not hold back.
Importantly, he uses materials from actual deals that he has done in the past to provide real life context to the theory. Some of his videos are also well-structured walkthroughs of the techniques that he uses to analyse and manage his deals.
Obviously, to excel as a developer you need to have actual experience and no course will cover absolutely everything. However, Amber’s courses is about as much hand holding as one can get from any course on property development.
Secondly, structure.

Given the amount of things you have to learn and understand, it would be overwhelming without some kind of coherent framework. Another thing that Amber has done very well is to break it up into bite sized categories following a logical progression. This makes wrapping your head around it so much easier.

This structure is also incredibly important because, as a developer, you will inevitably need to organise the way you do things to make the best use of your time and to mitigate risk and aggravation. Therefore, by applying yourself to Amber’s courses, you get a solid foundation of how to run a property development business in smooth and efficient manner.

I also add that his course on no money down deals was one of my favourite sections as it showed me that you don’t need to start of with tons of cash to develop your business.

Please bear in mind that the courses are not a get rich quick scheme where he tries to up-sell or cross-sell. Having gone through them myself, there is no mention whatsoever of other products or services. He makes it very clear at the outset that development is a risky proposition that requires a lot of education and training to master.

The bottom line is that the value you get from Amber’s property development courses vastly exceeds the cost. As a property developer it would be the first good deal that you enter into.

Who is gameOn for?

Game On is not for people who want to merely learn about property development. 
It’s for people who want to find, vet and execute a profitable development...NOW.

It is for people who are ready to take action & change their lives starting now.

It’s for people who are tired of sitting on the sideline – reading books, blogs and courses – and want to get ‘in the game’.

Specifically, it’s for people who…

  1. 1
    Want step-by-step guidance to find, vet and execute a development project in the next 12 months.
  2. 2
    Want the confidence of knowing all your questions will be answered (by an expert) as you approach each stage of your development & where every step is laid out in a simple to follow work breakdown structure.
  3. 3
    Want clarity from an independent expert who is ‘removed’ from the development and can bring objective wisdom to your project
  4. 4
    Want accountability to make sure you do actually ‘get in the game’ with a development, an option agreement or any kind of project using any of the strategy that I teach which has a massive upside
  5. 5
    Want to learn valuable property development management skills by seeing and experiencing a broad range of development scenarios in real time (your own development, and the projects other members are working on & the projects that I am working on)
  6. 6
    Want to give back and share your experience and advice with other developers who are following a step or two behind you (and receive the knowledge reinforcement that only comes from doing and teaching)
  7. 7
    Want the chance to pool resources (money and time) with other developers & property entrepreneurs to help get your development off the ground
  8. 8
    Want to feel ‘normal’ as you enjoy the company of like-minded entrepreneurs (rather than feeling awkward trying to explain to ‘mere employees’ what you do for a living)
  9. 9
    Want to leverage the equity in your own home and sub-divide it to boost your savings and set yourself up for retirement
  10. 10
    Want to supplement their income, and supercharge your savings and super, so you can retire sooner and financially free
  11. 11
    Want to replace their income and enjoy the rewards (money and lifestyle) of a professional developer 

Group Mentoring Prerequisite

You must be a current student or have already completed my flagship Property Development Course - Property Development System. If you are a current or past student - you can simply upgrade to GameOn by paying the difference.

Property Development System is a prerequisite because GameOn is about EXECUTION. Yes, there is more learning and advanced concepts, but that learning is more focused towards real-life property development, project and development management, which requires you to have a thorough understanding of the complete Property Development System first. 

If you are ready for GameOn, you must first signup for my PDS property development course. Your investment in PDS will be considered as your deposit for GameOn, should you decide to come on board with other students.

If this is something that appeals you or you can see yourself going through the program and achieving results, then click the button below to fill out the application form.

How Is "Game On" Different?

Type the words property development courses into Google and you’ll get 512 million results. I’m not kidding – 512 M-I-L-L-I-O-N. That’s a lot of ‘noise’ that naturally makes you wonder…

Here’s A Brief Overview Of Some Of The Things That Make "GameOn" Different To Other Property Development Courses And Mentoring Programs…

Led by An Experienced and Active Developer

Unlike other programs created by academics or ‘gurus’ who are still trying to ride the wave of one past (lucky) success, 
"GameOn" is led by somebody who has his sleeves rolled up with several developments in motion right now. Follow along as I help you find, vet and execute your first or next development.

Personal Help and Guidance with YOUR Development

This is not theory. It’s rubber-meets-the-road help -- including answers to all your questions, and specific guidance as you move through each stage of your development. It’s having an experienced, successful developer by your side every step of the way. 

Access to Million-Dollar Network of Trusted Suppliers

Don’t waste time and money or expose yourself to the risk of sourcing unknown suppliers. Gain access to my trusted network of professionals. Benefit from their deep knowledge, favourable rates, and time-tested integrity. 

Partner with Other Developers (even me, if you qualify)

Pool resources with like-minded developers, to raise finance, streamline project management, and get your first (or next) project completed quickly and profitably. And get preferential consideration to partner with me in my projects.

Unbeatable Value and Affordable for Everybody

At a fraction of the cost of private mentoring – with many of the same benefits – "GameOn" is unbeatable value. And considering just one development can easily return $50k, $100k and more, the investment is, quite frankly, a ‘no-brainer’ decision.

Accountability to Ensure Success

Most people who join a gym, rarely go. Most people who buy a book, never finish it. No wonder so many people get stuck on their journey towards becoming a property developer"GameOn" is about ACTION. We’ll encourage you, inspire you, equip you, and (if need be) give you the nudge you need to ‘get in the game’.

Free to Apply

Application is free and will give you a clearer idea of where you are now, what you want to achieve, and what’s holding you back. During your interview, I will help you create a road map to find, vet and execute your first (or next) property development. And if I’m confident "GameOn" will help you execute your plan faster and more profitably, I’ll invite you to join, and leave the decision to you.

Limited Membership

"GameOn" is an exclusive property development mentoring program for individuals who qualify, with limited membership and only 3 intakes per year. It’s never crowded. That’s how I can guarantee you receive the personal help you need to find, vet and execute your first (or next) property development. 

Development Management System

During the course of the program, Amber will help you to understand, implement and execute the complete Development Management System, where every thing that needs to be done in order to find, stack and execute a development is listed in easy to follow steps & work break down structures.

What's Required To Join "Game On"?

Contrary to popular myths, you don’t need experience, special skills, or lots of money to get started in property development. What you must have is the WILL to get your 1st project off the ground and be resourceful & entrepreneurial.

Nonetheless, "GameOn" is not for everybody. That’s why membership is by application only. 

Firstly, preference is given to existing students of my flagship property development course - Property Development System. If you haven’t done this course, you will need to burn the mid-night oil and complete Property Development System Course within 4 weeks of signing up. If you would like to take it slow, complete the Property Development System Course first and then make a decision to join "GameOn". If you think you can handle it and you are ready, keep reading.

Secondly, you must have an open mind and a desire to learn. If you do, I will share everything I know about property development. 

And most importantly, you have to be willing to ‘get in the game’. If you’re not ready to take ACTION, you’re simply not ready for "GameOn".

What Happens When You Apply For Mentoring?

Over the past few years, I have helped more than 1100+ budding developers through my property development courses and mentoring program. I’d love to help you too. But, before we get ahead of ourselves, I’d like to be sure we are a good match. So, I invite you to apply for "GameOn" and join me for a no-obligation chat during where… 

  • You’ll get a clear picture of where you are right now (and the steps you need to take to find, vet and execute your first property development)
  • You’ll gain clarity over what you want to achieve with property development in the future (and a realistic plan to get there)
  • You’ll identify obstacles that may be holding you back (and practical solutions to break through these barriers and ‘get in the game’)
  • You’ll learn more about my proven process for finding, vetting and executing property development projects – quickly, easily and profitably (Note: these are the same strategies I’ve used to successfully complete my own property development projects worth $65m -- including a no-money-down deal that put $273,000 in my pocket without spending a cent of my own money -- and gone from $0 to $1.03 million in equity / cash in under 5 years
  • And you’ll explore how "GameOn" may be able to help you avoid expensive mistakes, short-cut your way to success, and enjoy the financial rewards and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about as a successful property developer
property development mentor

Please be assured this application is 100% free and without any obligation whatsoever. And it will certainly not be a thinly disguised sales presentation. You will receive some great insights and clear takeaways for your unique situation.

If you like my ideas – and if you qualify – then I will simply invite you to join "GameOn". On the other hand, you can take the valuable information you learn and implement everything yourself.

What’s Your Investment To Be A "GameOn" Member?

There’s no doubt about it, joining "GameOn" is an investment. And compared to buying a $10 book, it’s not cheap.

I make no apology for that. Because developing property is a serious business. You’re playing with ‘live bullets’ and real money.

One mistake could literally cost you tens of thousands of dollars. And one little piece of caution from me could save you thousands of dollars. At the same time, one successful development could put hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket. I’ve made as much as $273,000 from a single no-money-down development that didn’t cost me a cent to get going.

Before I tell you the significant investment to become a "GameOn" member, I want to explain a few more reasons why it costs so much…

It’s for Your Good
The simple fact is, we only value that which costs us something. If we don’t ‘pay the price’, we tend not to appreciate the reward. 
That’s one of the reasons people who win the lottery are often broke a few short years later. Their fortune didn’t cost them anything, so they don’t value it the same as if they had toiled their whole life to earn it, and so they lose it.

For example, if you pay for a gym membership, you’re more likely to exercise, eat well and get the results you want. And I want you to get results from "GameOn".

While making money as a developer is highly leveraged (i.e. you can make way more per hour than most jobs and businesses), it doesn’t happen without effort. If you’re not ready to invest in "GameOn", you’re probably not ready to become a developer.

It’s Worth $65m In Hard-Earned Experience
As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve successfully completed many property development projects. Let me assure you, this did not come easily. Or without many expensive mistakes or without spending over $120,000 in my own education. But I’ve learned from these mistakes. And developed systems to ensure I never make them again.

As a member of "GameOn", you have access to these systems. And you receive step-by-step mentoring from me, guiding you through your entire development. In other words, you get a whopping $65,120,000 of experience for a fraction of the price.

Return On Investment
While learning the ropes of property development, I went from $0 to $1.03 million in equity / cash in just 5 years. With my help, one of my students did far better. He made $2.2m in his first year. Now, I’m not promising you’ll make this much money. But you could. How much money you make, is up to you. If you ‘get in the game’ and put in the work, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make 10 times your investment with your first development. Once again, that’s not a promise. But I do take your success as my responsibility, so be rest assured, I will bend over backwards to do everything I can - that's my commitment to you and...

I’ll Match Your Commitment
Joining "GameOn" is a commitment of time and money. I’m not hiding that. But here’s my promise: I’ll never ask you to commit more to me, than I’m willing to commit to you.

If you’re prepared to ‘get in the game’, I will be right there beside you, helping you every step of the way in whatever way I possibly can. But don't confuse this with me doing the push ups for you. I won’t do the work for you. Because I believe it’s better to ‘teach you how to fish than simply give you the fish’. That way, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and experience to develop more properties in the future. Just know that I am fully committed to help you achieve whatever goals you are committed to achieving yourself.

The Real Investment Is In Yourself 
The truth is, "GameOn" is not just about property development. Yes, I will guide you step-by-step and help you find, vet and execute your first (or next) property development project. But more than that, I will help you BECOME a developer. And BECOME the person you want to be. Your real investment is in yourself. And I don’t think there’s any better investment in the world than that.

So, let me ask you: How much are you worth?

I believe in you. And, if you qualify (which we’ll discover during your application process) I’m willing to fully commit to helping you. Are you ready to commit to yourself?

I have personally spent more than $120,000 on education to get where I am today & I continue to do so till date. And this does not include my university degree, post graduate diploma and masters degree. This is only what I spent on property related seminars, workshops and property development and investment courses & diplomas, nearly 100s of books, and $35k in private, one-on-one mentoring.

"GameOn" is a significant investment. But not anything like the price I paid to become a developer. Still, it’s significant. That’s why I’ve created two different payment pathways…

You Have Three Options

Now you understand my commitment to guide you step-by-step and help you find, vet and execute your first (or next) property development project through your GAME ON membership…

You’ve seen the potential – how I went from $0 to $1.03 million in equity / cash in just 5 years, how (with my help) one of my students made $2.2m in his first year, and how many other developers have benefited from my $65,120,000 of knowledge and hard-earned experience…

And you’ve counted the cost of investment in both time and money.

Now it's time to take the next step. You can...

1. You Can Do Nothing
Do nothing and continue to remain on the sideline learning about property development but never getting in the game. But what’s that going to do for you? And how’s that going to feel a year – two years – from now when you wake up still on the sideline with your dreams in the distance?
2. Try & Do It On Your Own
Try to go it alone. Buy books and courses, attend seminars and workshops, and do your best to untangle all the contradictory advice in this shark-infested market of hype-filled promises. That’s the road I took until I bit-the-bullet and paid for one-on-one mentoring that enabled me to finally ‘get in the game’.
3. Apply For Game On
And take the no-obligation, no-risk step of at least investigating if this may be a good option for you. Application is free. But it is limited. So, if this is even a thought in the back of your mind, I urge you to get off the sideline and apply now.

About - Amber khanna

As you can tell from my name (and my accent), I was born in India. I moved to Australia almost 22 years ago to study and fell in love with this magnificent country – the beaches, the wide-open spaces, the people, and the opportunities to dream big and accomplish whatever I want.

While I have formal qualifications including a Masters, Bachelor and Post Graduate Diploma in Business, 3 Diplomas and 4 Certificates in Building and Finance disciplines, and REIV Agents Representative…

… More importantly, I have successfully completed property development projects worth $65m (including a no-money-down deal that put $273,00 in my pocket without spending a cent of my own money), and gone from $0 to $1.03 million in equity / cash in just 5 years…

… And most importantly, I am actively involved in property development deals – with my own money on the line – right now.

... And even more importantly, I have worked very hard (sometimes pulling 2 all nighters a week for months at a stretch) to crack the code. I have gone from knowing nothing to successfully running my projects as a property development business.

I’m not an academic snob puffed up with useless theory – rather, I apply my academic knowledge in the real world to get real results. So you can be assured, that what you get from me, will not only be practical, but it will also be backed by correct academic knowledge.

I’m not a pretend guru trying to live on the fading glory of past success – rather I’m actively developing projects right now – investing my own money and (may I say) doing very well.

And I’m not a professional spruiker who peddles over-priced seminar tickets and out-of-date courses (in fact you will find the free information on this site and my youtube channel to have more substance as compared to paid seminars a lot of you have been attending) -- I’m a developer who lets a small number of budding developers see what I’m doing, so you can follow along and achieve the same (or even better) success that I’m enjoying.

"I am, however, a hard worker. If you’re not prepared to learn new skills and ‘do the work’, you’re not ready for "GameOn".

Sorry to be blunt. But I’m not here to tickle your ears with unrealistic promises. I’m here to help you find, vet and execute your first (or next) property development project, so you can boost or replace your income, and retire sooner and financially free.


You should only apply for property development mentoring, if you know you are 100% ready.

By Applying, You Agree With And Understand The DISCLAIMER Below.

I don’t believe in “get rich programs” – only in hard work, adding value and education.

My systems and property development and investment training programs are intended to help you plan more thoroughly and navigate the inherent complexities of property development and investment more effectively.

I cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to profit from my coaching, courses and or mentoring. Profitable property development projects require hard work and dedication.

My content and courses are designed to highlight important aspects of the process that you may have otherwise overlooked or misinterpreted. Nothing on this page or any of my websites is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings, and I do not offer any legal, tax or other professional advice.

In fact, the average person who purchases similar programs never puts the work into implementing the strategies taught and therefore achieves little to no results. I feel transparency is important and I hold myself (and you) to a high standard of integrity.